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Wisdom and Experience with Pastor Willie Rosin

In our new series, Pastoring in Pandemic, we’re highlighting successes and struggles, sharing creative ideas, and discussing the harsh realities pastors face when church can’t physically meet. We’ve asked our Moses Cohort pastors to talk about how they’re innovating to reach their congregation and beyond.

The Moses Project asked Pastor Willie Rosin what he’s learned about serving in ministry since Covid 19 upended church life. Here’s what he told us:

1. When you’re ahead of the curve, share your wisdom with others. Before pandemic, Pastor Rosin’s was the only church in his community with an online worship presence. He’s been able to share his technology skills and expertise with ministry colleagues.

2. It’s difficult to maintain relationships during pandemic not only at church but at home with family too. Pastor Rosin said, “My energy is going out, but since it’s all online, I’m not getting the same feedback in return.” Rosin has deacons delivering hard copy materials, and he’s making phone calls, but it’s hard to connect with those not on Facebook, and he misses his congregation. He also recommends clear communication at home with family members. “With five kids, there’s something going on all the time,” he admits and says communication with family during times of stress is important.

3. Finally, Pastor Rosin reminds us, “We all have different gifts. That hasn’t changed. None of us do ministry in the same way. Be faithful to the Spirit’s equipping, because variety is good.” He advises pastors, “Don’t compare your ministry and your congregation to others and don’t try to keep up with the Jones.”

Thank you, Pastor Rosin. Your wisdom is a blessing.

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