The following podcasts come to you from experts in their fields of rural ministry including some of our own Moses Cohort pastors!


Alumnus of the Moses Project, Pastor Chuck Meyer, presents this series with colleagues from the Western Iowa Synod. Join the W.I.S.E. Guys as they discuss matters relating to their synod and the ELCA alike. 

Essentials for reaching rural communities with Rev. Bob Bekkerus, Rev. Erika Uthe, Rev. Andrew Bell and Garrett Freier. Click below.

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Lies that leaders believe and finding the truth with Rev. Sarah Ciavarri and Dr. Trisha Wheelock. Click below.

"Lott Carey is proud to bring you conversations with some of the best and brightest pastors coast to coast. Our new podcast, "Pilgrimages of Striving and Thriving," delivers wisdom from the Black church for the whole church."

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The Church Leadership Institute has partnered with Spiritual Life and Leadership to bring you podcasts for pastors and ministry leaders who are working to lead well in a changing world. Hosted by Markus Watson.   

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