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Modules, Curriculum & Devotionals

developed by
Rev. Dr. Mark Mattes, Rev. Dr. Ken Jones,
Dr. Trisha Wheelock & Rev. Andrea Severson


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Rev. Dr. Eileen Campbell-Reed

August 2023

Module: Rediscovering Your Call through Storytelling

Resource Recommendation:  In My Grandmother’s House: Black Women, Faith and the Stories We Inherit by Yolanda Pierce

Module Devotion

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Dr. Tod Bolsinger

September 2022

Module: Seminary Didn't Prepare Me for This: Leadership and Adaptation

Rescource Recommendation: Tempered Resilience by Tod Bolsinger

Module Devotion


Rev. Dr. Leah D. Schade

October 2022


Dr. Angela Gorrell

November 2022

Module: The Importance of Joy

Resources Recommendation: The Gravity of Joy by Angela Gorrell

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Rev. Stephen Peterson

December 2022

Module: Satisfaction and Sustainability

Resource Recommendations: Pastoral Imagination: Bringing the Practice of Ministry to Life by Eileen R. Campbell-Reed

Module Devotion

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Kent S.webp

Kent Schornack LISW, MA

January 2023

Module: Wellness

Resource Recommendation: 

Module Devotion


Rev. Dr. Russell Lackey

February 2023

Module: Virtuous Cycles, Strategy, and Mission

Resource Recommendation: "Creating Virtuous Cycles" by Dave L. Odom and "How to Turn a Viscous Cycle in Ministry into a Virtuous One" by Russell L. Lackey

Module Devotion

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Reverends Nicole & Grant Woodley

March 2023

Module: Think Like a Farmer: Traditioned Innovation

Resource Recommendation: Bet the Farm by Beth Hoffman

Module Devotion

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Rev. Sarah Ciavarri M.Div. PCC, CDWF-C, CDTLF

April 2023

Module: Beyond the Jordan

Resource Recommendation: Finding Our Way to the Truth: Seven Lies Leaders Believe and How to Let Go of Them  by Sarah Ciavarri

Module Devotion 


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