Here's a small sampling of book recommendations focusing on rural ministry, leadership, pastoral care,  wellness, and discipleship. Check back often for new recommendations.

Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership 

by Ruth Haley Barton

The Gospel Comes with a House Key

by Rosaria Butterfield

The Forgotten Church

by Glenn Daman

Flourishing in Ministry: How to Cultivate Clergy Well Being

by Matt Bloom

A Failure of Nerve

by Edwin Friedman

A Work of Heart

by Reggie McNeal

The Practice of Adaptive Leadership

by Ronald Heifetz et al

Practicing Care in Rural Congregations and Communities

by Jeanne Hoeft et al

Living Into Community:

Cultivating Practices That Sustain Us

by Christine Pohl

Faithful and Fractured

by Rae Jean Proeschold-Bel and Jason Byassee

God’s Country

by Brad Roth

Congregational Leadership in Anxious Times

by Peter Steinke

The Pastor as Public Theologian

by Kevin J. Vanhoozer and Owen Strachan

Recalling Our Own Stories

by Edward Wimberly

The Grasshopper Myth

by Karl Vaters

A Big Gospel in Small Places

by Stephen Witmer


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