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What Changes and What Stays the Same with Pastor Brian Jack

Moses Project Cohort Pastor Brian Jack told me about a class he’s taking on preaching. During the class the subject of how long an on-line sermon should be came up. The instruction he received was that it doesn’t matter how captivating a preacher is, online viewers’ attention span for watching a talking head maxes out somewhere around 7 minutes. It’s practical advice, but he finds it a challenge to apply such laws to sharing the good news.

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing pastors to reflect and rethink everything we do. From the ways we worship, to the ways (and length) we preach, do children’s ministry, to the ways we mourn. Pastor Jack shared changes his church has made from online worship, to creative kids’ ministry projects like an Easter egg QR code hunt in cars around town, to funerals, and the joys and frustrations of communication through technology instead of in-person.

In the midst of all these changes, Pastor Jack reminds us of what remains the same. He shared this wisdom: “Even in change, the main thing stays the main thing. The church is about sharing the gospel. The challenge is how and when. It’s frustrating to learn new and different ways and that causes us to have slow down and think about communication methods we used to take for granted. It’s also exciting when we see people (including ones we’ve never connected with before) connecting with the gospel message through these new channels. Regardless of all the change, I’m still asking the same question about ministry as I always have: how can I enjoy sharing the Good News today?”

The Main Things is still the Main Thing

The Gospel is still the Gospel

We are still Called.


In our series, Pastoring in Pandemic, we’re highlighting successes and struggles, sharing creative ideas, and discussing the harsh realities pastors face when church can’t physically meet. We’ve asked our Moses Cohort pastors to talk about how they’re innovating to reach their congregation and beyond.

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