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Innovation During a Time of Crisis with Pastor Shawn Brooks

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

In our new series, Pastoring in Pandemic, we’ll be highlighting successes and struggles, sharing creative ideas, and discussing the harsh realities pastor face when church can’t physically meet. We’ve asked our Moses Cohort pastors to talk about how they’re innovating to reach their congregation and beyond.

By April 15th, Pastor Shawn Brooks had already conducted 9 worship services and 20 noon reflections online. Before COVID-19, he’d done zero. Determined to continue his Lenten worship services, Pastor Brooks, a Facebook Live novice, read one website, and beginning mid-March, started live streaming worship on Facebook Live. “Facebook really does do all the rest once you know how to get started,” Brooks explained.

Pastor Brooks’ background in theatre proved an asset. He told me he’s not “timid around a computer” and after a friend loaned him a tripod and a phone clip, he’s been asking the question “What will make a good visual picture?”

He’s learned he can talk to a camera and an empty church and likened the experience to a dress rehearsal. He’s honest about pauses and mistakes during worship. He says, the little “gotchas” portray him as human and genuine.

Pastor Brooks worries about those he’s not reaching because they don’t use technology, but he’s also reaching more people including fellow pastors, locals who aren’t connected to the church but watch online, and even an international audience including friends from Europe. Pastor Brooks explained, “I’m doing it for my people.”

COVID-19 has forced the church to consider new avenues of ministry. Bravo, to borrow language from the theatre, to Pastor Brooks for learning a new skill set and scene shifting his ministry during an unprecedented time.

You can follow Pastor Shawn Brooks on Facebook or his YouTube channel

Check out his new online series called “How to Feel Joy.”

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