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Febrary 2022 Newsletter

Curated Moses Project Resources to Explore

Director, Dr. Trisha Wheelock

The Moses Project has been hard at work creating ministry resources. From articles, to blogs, to podcasts, to spiritual practice reflections, we have useful tools to guide you in rural ministry. We are a small program, serving pastors in small places, but we're having a BIG impact. 

Check out our Moses Project resources by clicking on the links below. You can also find pieces by Moses Project exemplars including Rev. Dr. Leah Schade, Rev. Dr. Angela Gorrell, Rev. Dr. Yolanda Pierce, Rev. Dr. Richard Lischer, Rev. Dr. Tod Bolsinger, and many more.

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Explore Rev. Andrea Severson's blog posts (Moses Project Chaplain) on Gratitude, Advent and Stress. You can also read her short, spiritual practice pieces by clicking on the topic. This material is part of the monthly Moses Project curriculum and includes spiritual practice exercises for pastors individually and in congregational settings. The spiritual practices include: Lecto Divinia, Gratitude, Silence and Contemplative Prayer, Praying with Psalms, Practicing Presence, Sabbath-Keeping, Giving and Receiving Compassion.  

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