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February 2021 Newsletter

Satisfaction and Sustainability with Rev. Margaret Yackel-Juleen, December Exemplar

Director, Dr. Trisha Wheelock

Rev. Margaret Yackel-Juleen served as the December exemplar for the Moses Project. Her current call is at One in Faith, a four-point parish in rural Northeast Iowa. She and her husband, Mark, also co-founded Shalom Hill Farm, a rural education and retreat center located on a lovely farm north of Windom, MN. Yackel-Juleen’s experience made her an excellent choice to share with the pastors what she called “Seeds,” ideas for understanding the culture of rural communities and creating meaningful relationships within the congregation and community.


We began the December exemplar meeting by playing two musical clips: one from the opening scene of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and the other from Mick Jagger singing with the Rolling Stones, “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.” Some days in the ministry feel like the first and other days the second!

Thanks to Yackel-Juleen, pastors were better able to reflect on a vision for ministry, connect this vision to the congregation where they serve, and create a sustainability plan. Check out Yackel-Juleen’s article written for the The Moses Project Blog here

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