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February 2022 Newsletter

January 2022 Retreat: Rest, Renew, Rejoice

Director, Dr. Trisha Wheelock

Rural pastors from eight states travelled to Des Moines for three days of fellowship, laughter, and learning at the annual Moses Project January Retreat.  The retreat began with stations of fun and included daily mystery gifts, music and worship by Grand View’s Dr. Michael Elsbernd, professional development by Kent Schornack, Grand View’s Director of Leadership and Counseling, and time with mentors and mini-cohorts. The mentors facilitated best practice sessions on work/life balance, handling conflict, boundaries, and created a toolkit of resources rural pastors need to know. Campus Pastor and Moses Project Program Manager Rev. Dr. Russ Lackey preached about being a light in rural communities, and several pastors commented in their evaluations about how encouraging his message was. One pastor said, “I know the Moses Project is about more than just cheering and inspiring a group of weary rural pastors with the message of the gospel.  But letting your light shine is really pretty important and you are doing a great job. Best of all, it's contagious! Thank you all for letting your light shine. It is more important now than ever!"


Collegial connections continue to be an important facet of the Moses Project's work with pastors, and this event gave us opportunities to laugh, worship, pray, reflect, and be the body of Christ together. 

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