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November 2023 Newsletter

Dr. Jay Augustine Joins Stellar List of Fall Moses Exemplars

Director, Dr. Trisha Wheelock


Moses Project pastors have the opportunity to learn from nationally renowned scholars, preachers, and teachers. In December, Dr. Jay Augustine joins us to bring his expertise on the subjects of satisfaction and sustainability in ministry. Dr. Jonathan C. Augustine (a/k/a “Jay Augustine”) serves as senior pastor of St. Joseph AME Church, in Durham, NC, and as general chaplain of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. He is an accomplished author, respected academic leader, and nationally recognized social justice advocate who speaks for the equality of all human beings. Moses pastors are reading his book, When Prophets Preach. To learn more about Augustine click here. 

This fall we've also had the privilege to work with Dr. Eileen Campbell Reed who served as the keynote speaker at our Kick Off Event. Campbell Reed is the author of Pastoral Imagination and the creator of the popular podcast Three Minute Ministry (3MMM). You can read her special blog for the Moses Project here.


In September, Dr. Tod Bolsinger of Fuller Seminary joined the cohort to discuss his book, Tempered Resilience. Bolsinger is a nationally recognized author, executive leadership coach, and beloved Moses exemplar. His conversations about adaptability and resilience help pastors navigate leadership challenges.  Rev. Dr. Leah Schade met with Moses pastors in October. She discussed strategies for pastors to engage in gentle conversations about hot button political topics and addressing social issues from the pulpit. She shared her new book, Introduction to Preaching as well as strategies from Preaching in the Purple Zone. Leah also wrote a special article for the project.

Read it here! In November, Rev. Dr. Angela Gorrell spoke with pastors about her book, The Gravity of Joy. In the conversation, Gorrell shared her journey through loss, joy, addiction, faith, and the reality of wrestling with faith after devastating difficulties. 


The Moses Fall exemplars provide rural pastors access to top notch national scholars and opportunities to contextualize to their ministry settings. 

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