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March 2023 Newsletter

January Retreat for Pastors

Director, Dr. Trisha Wheelock

In January, Moses Project pastors travelled to Des Moines for three days of fellowship, laughter, and learning. The retreat began with stations of fun and included daily mystery gifts, music and worship by Grand View’s Dr. Michael Elsbernd, professional development provided by seasoned counselor and mental health expert, Kent Schornack, and time with mentors and mini-cohorts.


During Moses Mentor Rev. Sarah Ciavarri's sermon on the Good Samaritan, she reminded us that serving in ministry is about proclaiming the Gospel, loving our neighbors, and setting boundaries. The Good Samaritan did not wipe the man’s brow for the next two weeks by himself!


In a note of thanks after the event, Pastor Rebecca from South Dakota said, “Thank you for the fabulous retreat. It is just what my heart and body needed…I have taken so much with me into the new year from what I’ve learned at The Moses Project. Your generosity is inspiring….My cup runneth over and my heart is full.

Thank you for the joy of serving rural pastors. 

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