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September 2023 Newsletter

Moses Project News: New Fall Exemplars, Lilly Conference Feature, and New Initiatives

Director, Dr. Trisha Wheelock


The Moses Project has a stellar line up of Fall Exemplars. Dr. Eileen Campbell Reed served as the keynote speaker at our Kick Off Event. Campbell Reed is the author of Pastoral Imagination and the creator of the popular podcast Three Minute Ministry (3MMM). You can read her special blog for the Moses Project here.


In September, Dr. Tod Bolsinger of Fuller Seminary will join the cohort to discuss his book, Tempered Resilience. Bolsinger is a nationally recognized author, executive leadership coach, and beloved Moses exemplar.  Rev. Dr. Leah Schade is scheduled for October. She’ll discuss strategies for pastors to engage in gentle conversations about hot button political topics and how to preach on those topics as well. In November, Rev. Dr. Angela Gorrell will speak to pastors about her book, The Gravity of Joy. In December, new Moses exemplar Rev. Dr. Jay Augustine will address prophetic preaching and finding satisfaction in our calls. It’s going to be great Fall of learning opportunities. Thank you to our Fall exemplars.

ANNOUNCING NEW INITIATIVE: Faith Forward at Grand View University

Faith Forward will partner with rural churches to teach congregations, parents, and grandparents to tell the Biblical and family stories of God’s mercy, grace, love, boundaries, protection, promises, and faithfulness. As parenting trends and church attendance change in a post-pandemic world, this program is designed to help pastors, parents, and grandparents pass on their Christian faith to the next generation. Faith Forward wants to see parents and grandparents share the faith and values with the church’s treasure and future, our children and youth.

Participation in Faith Forward requires an application, attending one in person gathering in Des Moines, participation in virtual meetings, and a commitment from the congregation for parents, grandparents, and other faith mentors to engage as well. Faith Forward will offer quality content, opportunities to build community, and generous hospitality. More information including a website, application, and nominations forms will be available soon. Email Trisha Wheelock to learn more. We are thrilled to offer this new program.

Faith Forward has a three-fold aim:

  1. EMPOWER rural and small congregations to more effectively work with parents, grandparents, and faith mentors through the normal routines of congregational life to help them hand down their Christian faith and values to the next generation.

  2. EQUIP parents and grandparents with doable, repeatable, livable faith practices.

  3. ENCOURAGE parents and grandparents in creating homegrown faith through easy-to-use activities and resources which weave faith formation into the normal routines of family life.


The Moses Project is funded by the Christian Parenting and Caregiving Initiative of the Lilly Endowment Inc. housed at Grand View University, and works in collaboration with Peer Ministry.

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