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September 2022 Newsletter

Moses Project Resources to Explore

Director, Dr. Trisha Wheelock

BE INSPIRED! We are very proud of the resources the Moses Project continues to produce in collaboration with stellar partners. 























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BLOGS: Last spring, The Moses Project created a blog series featuring Rural Pastors who have participated in the program called, "I am a Rural Pastor." Pastors share their experiences  in rural ministry along with their advice and why they think RURAL is the place to be! We recently added Rev. Linda McPeak of La Crosse, WI, Rev. Scotty Ray of Oshkosh, NE, Rev. Laura Overbo of Volga, SD and Rev. Bill Dodd of Almont, ND. Stay tuned for a podcast featuring Rev. Kim Gifford of Minot, ND. We have also featured Rev. Scott Dalen of Underwood, IA, Rev. Russ Lambert of Turtle Lake, ND, and Rev. Brooke Apple Phelps of Hoople, ND.

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PODCASTS: Over the summer, we recorded several podcasts including Moses pastor Rev. Miles (last name purposely omitted) on hard calls. In another podcast, we discussed transitions with Rev. Jealaine Marple

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PUBLISHED ARTICLES: In case you missed it, The Moses Project has been busy with several writing projects. Read Russ and Trisha's interview with Rev. Jon Anderson, Director of Rural Ministry at Luther Seminary, for Faith+Lead. You can also check out Trisha's piece on rural ministry for Faith+Lead about Redefining Success in Rural Ministries. Finally, read Russ and Trisha's article in Duke's Faith & Leadership on how Moses pastors are making a difference in rural communities, especially in raising awareness of mental health. 

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