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February 2024 Newsletter

Introducing The Jordan Project

Director, Dr. Trisha Wheelock

Please check our newest opportunity for women leading rural and small churches.


The Jordan Project will ignite new life and innovation into women-led rural and small-town congregations. Pastors and leaders from their congregations will explore their congregations’ rapidly changing social and cultural contexts, gain clarity about their values and mission, and draw on Lutheran theological practices and traditions to adapt their ministry to the demands of their changing contexts. With this knowledge and the skills to engage, pastors and their congregational leaders will be prepared to lead thriving congregations that experience a renewal of anticipatory joy, an ethos of “why not? Let’s give it a try!”, and personal, communal, and public witness to the love of God found in Jesus that will thrill the heart again. We are joyfully partnering with Rev. Sarah Ciavarri and This Wholehearted Life.


The Jordan Project blesses pastors and congregations with expansive space to hear God's grace anew through worship (that they did not plan), through small group connections, through dwelling in the holy questions of what God is up to, and then boldly testing the Spirit to see what God is doing already in these small communities and rural cultures. Congregations will then share this renewal through a community-based project. If you have questions or want to apply, contact Trisha Wheelock (  For more information, to see a tentative schedule, or to apply, check out The project will Kick off in September 2024. 

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