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June 2022 Newsletter

A New Cohort Begins August 1st, 2022

Director, Dr. Trisha Wheelock

Our 2022 cohort begins August 1-3 with a Kick Off event in Des Moines. This year, we welcome pastors from 8 States including Iowa, Nebraska, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. This marks our fourth year of programming, and we will have worked with 80 pastors from 10 states, 14 synods, and 100 communities!

Our new cohort has expressed the many joys of serving a rural congregation: the people, the hospitality, and the care and commitment are all things we hear from our pastors. In addition, they have also been open about the struggles. Feelings of isolation, resistance to change, continued division over politics, declining members and attendance, and a recognition that rural ministry requires creative structures and ideas. They are a remarkable group, and we look forward to working together this next year. Please pray for our new Moses pastors as they begin their journey. We hope and pray that like Moses, they will be encouraged to thrive and flourish with a vision and passion for ministry.

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