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June 2022 Newsletter

Moses Project: May 2022 Program Celebration

Director, Dr. Trisha Wheelock

A big congratulations to our 2021 cohort who gathered in Des Moines to celebrate the completion of their Moses Project programming. They were joined by the 2020 cohort who enjoyed a one year reunion. The event was filled with worship led by Dr. Michael Elsbernd, a session on compassionate listening with Dr. Paul Leavenworth and Alex Krumm, time with mentors and mini-cohorts, and a certificate celebration featuring keynote speaker Dr. Jessica Young Brown of Virginia Commonwealth University. In addition, during the two day event at Luther Memorial Church, Moses Project mentors Rev. Sarah Ciavarri and Rev. Bob Chell preached. In her keynote speech, Dr. Brown, University professor and licensed psychologist, reminded pastors of the importance of being faithful to their own call and not someone else’s. She emphasized pastors’ mental health and well being and highlighted examples of Jesus setting boundaries. Young specializes in mental health, trauma, race and racism, and organizational dynamics.

The certificate ceremony was a particular highlight of the two day event. Mentors provided a quote for each of the pastors in their mini-cohort drawing attention to the pastor's gifts, strengths, and growth throughout the program. It was a special moment to celebrate and publicly recognize each of our pastors. We are thankful for the opportunity to minister to and walk alongside our pastors as they thrive in ministry. Check out the photos for an inside look at our time together. Congratulations to our 2021 Moses Project Cohort!

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