Stained Glass


Module Curriculum & Devotionals

(Devotions developed by Rev. Dr. Mark Mattes and Rev. Dr. Ken Jones)


Rev. Dr. Richard Lischer

August 2019

Module: Rediscovering Your Call

Resource Recommendation:  Open Secrets by Richard Lischer

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Dr. Lucas Casey

September 2019

Module: Knowing Your Community

Rescource Recommendation: Orton Family Foundation-Community Network Analysis Tool

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Rev. Dr. Will Willimon

October 2019

Module: The Community Pastor

Resource Recommendation: Who Lynched Willie Earle by Will Willimon

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Rev. Dr. Carrie L. Lewis La Plante

November 2019

Module: The Community Church

Resources Recommendation: Tune in: An Invitation to Listen by Peggy Hahn

Module Devotion


Rev. Bob Bekkerus

December 2019

Module: The Rural Unchurched

Resource Recommendation: "4 Sundays Every Church Leader Should Work on Every Week of the Year" by Rich Birch

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Kent Schornack, LISW, MA

January 2020

Module: Wellness

Resource Recommendation: Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership: Seeking God in the Crucible of Ministry by Ruth Haley Barton

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Rev. Dr. Russell Lackey

February 2020

Module: Virtuous Systems

Resource Recommendation: The Biggest Little Farm (film) and "Creating Virtuous Cycles"

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Rev. Grant Woodley

March 2020

Module: Innovation and Change

Resource Recommendation: "Traditioned Innovation" and "Traditioned Innovation: A Biblical Way of Thinking"

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Rev. Sarah Ciavarri 


April 2020

Module: Beyond the Jordan

Resource Recommendation: Flourishing in Ministry: How to Cultivate Clergy Wellbeing by Matt Bloom

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