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March 2023 Newsletter

Looking Ahead for the Moses Project: Sustainability

Director, Dr. Trisha Wheelock







While we are in the midst of preparing for sustainability and forming a new plan for the Moses Project, the curriculum for this spring continues to focus on important themes. In February, Grand View Campus Pastor and Moses Project Manager Rev. Dr. Russ Lackey will discuss vicious and virtuous cycles. In March, Revs. Nicole and Grant Woodley will lead conversation about traditioned innovation and how to think like a farmer. Finally, in April, Rev. Sarah Ciavarri will facilitate a session on leadership and challenges.

We are thankful for our qualified exemplars who share their wisdom and expertise.

Tod Retreat.jpg

The Moses Project received a Reflective Practices Grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. This grant allowed Moses staff important “balcony time” to engage in reflective practices as we prepare for project sustainability. The grant provided leaders time to address opportunities and challenges in the next phase of our program. We are grateful for our balcony time with Dr. Tod Bolsinger and President Rachelle Keck of Grand View University (home of the  Moses Project.) Please be on the lookout for more information about sustainability and the future of the Moses Project.

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